Foundation waterproofing in Hillsboro, Oregon

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Foul odors, wet carpets, peeling paint, mold, and mysterious moisture on walls and floors are indicators of water leaking through the basement structure. How could there be water around and under a foundation? In many instances, it comes from drainage issues, leaking pipes, or structural cracks and damage.

No matter how and why water is coming into your basement, it’s not a fun experience. If you are dealing with it right now, you know it can be downright frustrating.

We get it. But the good news is that we can help. Our Hillsboro, Oregon foundation repair experts are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing leaks and waterproofing basements.

As a licensed and insured local company, you can trust we will provide long-lasting solutions at fair rates. In addition to Hillsboro, our skilled team also covers Beaverton, Aloha, Oswego Lake, Forest Grove, Tigard, North Plains, Portland, and beyond.

If you are dealing with pooling water in your basement or other moisture, don’t hesitate to contact our foundation specialists. We deliver free consultations and estimates for home and commercial business owners.

Services and solutions for waterproofing basements

There are many water sources around a home that can find their way into a foundation. The first step in successful foundation waterproofing is to find the source of the problem.

Damaged downspouts and gutters that fail to move water away from a home can result in large puddles and standing water after heavy rains. Improper land grading can lead to similar circumstances.

When water infiltrates foundation walls and floors after storms and flooding, a French drain system might offer a steady solution. These types of drains move water under the basement away from a house.

Plumbing, septic and sewer pipes can break and leak under concrete floors and slabs. High water bills and foundation sinking are signs of a water leak. The answer is simple: the leak must be repaired in short order to prevent additional foundation damage.

Our team can help you find the leak, identify the damage it might be causing, and make structural fixes if they are needed.

Foundation cracks are not created equal. Most are small in nature and occur naturally with concrete curing. On the other hand, some cracking forms from wear and tear and stress put on foundation walls from soil pressure.

Smaller cracks may be repaired with epoxy or silicone injections. Those that are larger in nature and have been caused by wall bowing, major foundation sinking, bowing, or some other instability in the foundation will likely need more substantial work, such as wall anchoring and bracing.

To stop water from entering your home, moisture barriers and waterproofing membranes may be implemented.

Moisture barriers are plastic layers buried underground. As water comes up against the barrier it is halted from getting under the slab. 

There are several options for membranes. Polymer-based liquid coatings are used on outside walls and floors. It can be rolled or sprayed onto concrete. 

Silicone sealants can both seal and fill cracks. They can only be used on cracks that are a quarter inch thick or less, however.

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Some DIY waterproofing options might offer a quick fix but fail to completely solve the problem in the long term. Sealing, silicone, and caulks will not provide repair for foundation damage and instability.

Detecting problems early and implementing water diversion methods are the best means to decrease the chances of major foundation waterproofing problems. 

If you need assistance in identifying the cause or solving the issue of your wet basement, our company can help. We provide no-cost inspections that come with a detailed action plan if repairs are needed. 

Better yet, we don’t use sleazy sales tactics or trick you into thinking more expensive work is needed on your property. We welcome you to get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and pricing.