Bowing Foundation wall Repair In Hillsboro, ORegon

Dependable and affordable remedies for leaning, tipping, and flexed basement walls

Basements can add an enormous amount of extra storage area to a house or building, in addition to providing a comfortable living space throughout the year. 

The problem is foundations and basements are susceptible to a number of issues because of their location in the soil below the house. One of the most common problems are heaving and bowing foundation walls, which often lead to more significant damage if not repaired. 

Our Hillbsoro, Oregon foundation repair team provides long-lasting, warrantied solutions that permanently fix leaning and tipping concrete walls. The repair work we do often saves customers from costlier problems in the future.

The licensed, insured and certified professionals employed by our local company in the Portland region have the knowledge, skill and experience to completely restore the strength and stability of your home or commercial business basement and foundation walls. As a family-owned business, our No. 1 priority is to deliver trusted service to homeowners and their families in our service area. 

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Causes and solutions for bowed foundation basement walls

If an area has endured flooding or heavy rainfall, the great saturation of water in the soil can create an immense force known as hydrostatic pressure. Foundation walls are built to support the downward force that your house creates, but not lateral force applied by heavy soils surrounding the basement. As pressure builds, foundation walls may start to buckle, lean, bow, flex, and even totally collapse.

Bowed or tipped basement walls are a huge problem that cannot be ignored or put off. They should be evaluated by a professional contractor in your region. If not addressed appropriately, the structural integrity of your residence or building can be compromised. In simple terms, insufficient support of basement walls puts you and those who occupy the home at risk.

There are many proven solutions for bowing basement walls that can be customized to fit your unique situation, budget and needs. Based on the severity and causes of the problem, our trained technicians create a specialized plan for you. For bowing walls, common solutions include: wall anchors, carbon fiber supports and helical piers.

In addition to bowing, we also repair foundation, cracks, settlement and sinking, and water leaks. Get started with a free inspection conducted on-site by our experts.