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Thorough assessments and free estimates for your residential or commercial property

Cracking, sinking or tipping foundations should always be taken seriously. The crawl space, slab or basement supports the entire residential or commercial structure, and breakdowns can be both dangerous and expensive to repair.  

Problems with foundation walls and floors can oftentimes be challenging to diagnose for the untrained eye. The last thing we want you to do a lot of money for an evaluation that says you your basement or is in good shape – or worse, pay for large scale work that isn’t necessary.

For that reason, we offer free inspections for property owners and assessments at a small fee for those who are considering buying a home or building. With the inspection, you get an accurate estimate if repair work is needed.

Inspections from certified professionals give homeowners peace of mind. On top of that, our quotes come with zero pressure or obligation to hire our contractors for the project.

In some cases, structural problems may be obvious. This may include major cracks or bowing walls. Other damage, however, can be hidden inside the walls, floors and surrounding soil.

If you have any reason to think your foundation might be failing, there is no risk in scheduling a thorough onsite inspection with our foundation repair crew in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Signs your basement, crawl space, or concrete slab is failing

We strongly advise home and property owners to check up on their basement walls and floors on a routine basis to ensure they remain in stable form – particularly older homes that are more susceptible to structural issues. Over years, foundations suffer wear and tear from soil pressure, weather changes, intruding tree roots, weakened soil, improper land grading, and various other factors. Damage never occurs overnight, but rather evolves gradually.

When monitoring your foundation and house, pay close attention to the following, as they are signs of structural troubles:

  • Cracking drywall
  • Cracked or chipped concrete
  • Window squares that are no longer in places
  • Wet basement
  • Leaning and tipping walls
  • Sagging, uneven and bouncy floors on upper levels
  • Doors and windows that jam and are difficult to open and shut
  • Tipping or cracked chimney
  • Gaps around the chimney
  • Wet and expanded soil outside basement walls
  • Popped out ails
  • Misplaced moldings and misaligned door and window frames

What you get with our foundation evaluation

When you call us to assess your property, you are good hands. With our detailed inspections you get the following:

  • Careful investigation of the exterior and interior of the structure, as well as surrounding dirt, soil and tree roots. We closely examine the premises for signs of cracking, bowing, settling, sinking, heaving, and weak soil and poor grading.
  • If we find a problem, we explain it to you in way you can understand. We also layout repair options and other information so that you make the best decision for your budget.
  • Finally, we deliver a guaranteed estimate, detailed plan of action, and timetable for the project.

Contact us today to find out more and to schedule an assessment of your house or commercial business.

Our team foundation repair professionals will provide you with a free, no-hassle quote!